EuLaViBar Toolkit


The European Language Vitality Barometer is a tool for assessing the state of the maintenance of a (potentially) endangered language, on the basis of empirical data collected with the help of a questionnaire. The EuLaViBar helps policy-makers and stakeholders identify the areas in which the language at issue is particularly endangered, so that resources can be allocated and revitalisation measures planned in an appropriate way.

The EuLaViBar Toolkit, one of the main results of ELDIA, can be downloaded at It consists of the following files:

This revised EuLaViBar version is based on the results of ELDIA field research and the experiences from creating and analysing the EuLaViBars for the ELDIA case studies (published in the ELDIA case specific reports in the series Studies in European Language Diversity).

Researchers are welcome to modify and develop the EuLaViBar for their needs. To join the discussion, send an e-mail to info.eldia AT .

When redistributing, using and modifying the EuLaViBar, explicit reference must be made to the ELDIA project and the authors of the Toolkit.

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